Important Synonyms List

04 Apr


Synonyms – An Introduction


1 . a word having the same or nearly the same meaning asanother in the language, as joyful, elated, glad.

2. a word or expression accepted as another name forsomething, as Arcadia for pastoral simplicity; metonym.

3. Biology . one of two or more scientific names applied to asingle taxon.

Here i am providing you some important synonyms.These are really helpful as far as different exam is concerned so please have a close look on them    

Word Synonym Synonym
abandon discard vacate
accord agree grant
adversity difficulty misfortune
affluent plentiful rich
aggravate annoy infuriate
alleviate lighten mitigate
amenable agreeable favorable
anguish distress sorrow
apathetic dispirited lifeless
arrogant disdainful imperious
astonish confound overwhelm
atrocious appalling detestable
augment add enlarge
avoid ignore shun
awkward graceless inept
baffle confuse deceive
banal common plain
barren desolate sterile
berate criticize disapprove
betray deceive fool
bias inclination predisposition
bitter acrid sour
blend combine mix
bliss happiness joy
bluff boast feign
bold daring fearless
bonus award gift
bother annoy irritate
brief concise short
brilliant clever intelligent
brisk fast swift
budget allot plan
candid honest truthful
caricature cartoon imitation
casual informal natural
category classification division
cease desist stop
chaotic disordered messy
cherish esteem love
circumvent avoid go around
commemorate celebrate honor
compensate balance recompense
competent able capable
conceive design plan
confirmation acknowledgement proof
contradict deny oppose
contribution donation grant
courteous polite well-mannered
craving desire longing
credulous confident trustful
damp moist wet
dare challenge defy
decay decline rot
decent honorable pure
dense filled packed
designate name select
detain hold keep
disclose announce reveal
dogma belief view
durable constant lasting
dwindle abate diminish
eager earnest keen
eccentric abnormal idiosyncratic
elaborate embellish enhance
emanate arise radiate
embezzle purloin steal
eminent distinguished prominent
encourage foster induce
endure last persist
essential cultured learned
essential basic necessary
estimate guess predict
evaluate appraise judge
exhaust deplete empty
exhilarated cheerful zestful
explicit definite specific
fastidious exacting particular
federation alliance band
feeble helpless infirm
fervor intensity passion
feud argument dispute
filth dirt squalor
flatter compliment praise
fleet nimble swift
frivolous inconsequential trivial
frugal prudent saving
furious angry outraged
generous benevolent unselfish
genuine actual real
glare gleam glisten
gloomy cheerless dim
goad provoke badger
grasp grab hold
greed avarice longing
guarantee assure pledge
guile cunning deceit
gullible credulous unsuspicious
habitual accustomed regular
handicap disability disadvantage
harass annoy disturb
harmless innocuous inoffensive
harsh hard coarse
hasty abrupt hurried
haughty arrogant pretentious
humiliate humble shame
hygiene cleanliness sanitation
hypocrisy duplicity falseness
ideal goal perfection
idle lazy unoccupied
ignorant stupid unintelligent
illogical incongruent rambling
illustrious eminent famous
imitate copy reflect
immense huge mammoth
impartial candid impersonal
impatient anxious eager
implicate accuse insinuate
importune beg solicit
inadvertent accidental unintentional
indifferent apathetic disinterested
isolate detach quarantine
jargon argot slang
jovial genial merry
judge estimate referee
justification excuse reason
juvenile adolescent immature
keen clever observant
label brand classify
labor toil work
lead direct proceed
lean slim thin
leave abandon desert
liberal copious unrestrained
liberal lenient open-minded
limitation boundary constraint
lucid clear understandable
lucky auspicious fortunate
mad furious irate
manage administer control
manipulate control shape
marginal borderline limited
match agree correspond
maze complexity labyrinth
meditate ponder think
memorial commemoration monument
mention allude refer to
merge blend fuse
narrow confined restricted
nature aspect character
necessary mandatory requisite
negate contradict refute
negligent careless remiss
negotiate bargain deal
nice affable benign
noble aristocratic distinguished
novice beginner nonprofessional
nuisance annoyance offense
obedient faithful loyal
objection disapproval protest
obligatory compulsory required
observe notice watch
obvious conspicuous definite
offend anger irritate
offer bid proposal
omen premonition sign
omit exclude remove
opportune advantageous auspicious
pacify appease placate
pain ache discomfort
paramount chief leading
partisan biased dogmatic
passive inactive lethargic
pause break cease
permeate diffuse disseminate
perpetuate endure preserve
perplex astonish baffle
persecute afflict harass
radiate effuse emanate
radical basic fundamental
range anger furor
rank arrange classify
realize accomplish fulfill
recalcitrant obstinate stubborn
receptacle container repository
reconcile atone conciliate
regret deplore grieve
reliable dependable trustworthy
sanction approval permit
scope aim extent
section division portion
settle adjust compromise
shallow superficial trivial
shrewd careful calculating
significant distinctive important
slight delicate slender
spontaneous impromptu unplanned
spread announce broadcast
stabilize balance steady
tame domesticate subdue
tangle intertwine twist
temper mood nature
tendency inclination trend
term cycle duration
thrift conservation prudence
tough aggressive unyielding
transfer convey exchange
tumult agitation commotion
turbulent disordered violent
vain boastful inflated
valid authorized legitimate
variety assortment diversify
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